Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Groups of Blessings, WIND teams descend upon the Guatemala Highlands

Several WIND teams have descended upon Guatemala these last two months.

The first was a team from Selah Covenant Church.  WIND partnered with Food for the Hungry which provides nutritional and health education to many villages in the Ixil area.  A breastfeeding class was provided to the moms of Colegio HOREB and to the woman leaders in the small village of Cajixay.  The team also built a kindergarten classroom at HOREB and helped dig a latrine in the village of Cajixay.  We also visited a few houses and discovered a little girl named Elsa who has a problem with one of her eyes, we hope to get her seen by a doctor from HELPS International.  This was a special team for Maria and I because my Aunts and Uncles came for the first time.  It was fun to show them what I’ve been doing these last few years.

Selah Covenant team in Cajixay

The second team was a team of dental professionals from Medical Teams International.  They saw over 500 patients during the week.  We had an advance team screen the patients that were to be seen at the clinic.  A lot of sickness struck this group, but they were a resilient bunch and somehow still met their goals.  On the last afternoon, we went to visit Cajixay, and a woman who was seen shared that she had dealt with pain for two years before coming to the clinic.  She was only one story among a sea of stories and the work this group  did blessed a lot of people.

Bryan and Lauri Olson from MTI treat a patient at the dental clinic

The third team was a high school team from Westminster Chapel in Bellevue.  They worked for a week at the school, putting on a soccer clinic for the kids.  They brought a lot of energy and the children absolutely adored them. After each class finished, a member of the team shared a personal testimony about how God had changed their life.  The last day was spent in the park playing and it felt like one big diverse family.  The Westminster kids and the kids at HOREB really have a special attachment and I love watching and being a part of it.  Each afternoon, we also went into the homes to build new stoves, 15 in all.  Traditionally the people cook inside the homes with open fires, so these new stoves bring huge health benefits as all the smoke now leaves the home.  It also much more efficient, needing less wood.

The team with the children and teachers of Colegio HOREB, after playing at the park


It was an honor to be a part of all these groups, God has certainly used them to bring much blessing to the Ixil people.  

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