Saturday, May 16, 2015

Down the Path - The beginning of our relationship with Colegio HOREB

He stopped the car and pointed.  “Down that path is a woman who has a Christian school.”  Paul, a missionary here in the area, kept driving and moved on to the next subject.  But my mom and dad did not forget that brief moment.  They had planned on leaving the next day, but they both knew they had to return to see what God had for them down that path.  

Down that path was a woman named Tabita.  The Christian school which she founded was floundering.  They didn’t have money to pay the teachers and she was considering closing the school.  She prayed to God for help.  My parents, by following the stirring in their spirits, and showing up to Tabita’s house were a part of an answer to her prayers.  Through WIND, they would later pledge financial support for the school.  I came that next school year to teach English to the kids.

Tabita didn’t have to start that school.  Paul didn’t have to say a word about Tabita.  My mom and dad didn’t have to follow that path to Tabita’s house.  But they did.  It was all in God’s plan from the beginning.  He was answering prayers, He was doing something big, and He was using all of us to accomplish this purpose. 

Many lives have becoming affected through our relationship with HOREB.  The school itself has grown, nearly doubled in size.  It has been the start of many life changing relationships and has opened doors into many homes.  New stoves have been installed in houses, dramatically improving the quality of life.  Dental needs have been taken care of.  In one case, a dying boy was saved from his Leukemia.  Most importantly, children and teachers have accepted Christ, and God has been glorified more and more.  This is all the work of God, who works through our relationships.  He sees the big picture and He is working through us as we do our best to obediently follow him.

We never know when God is going to do something big through us.  There is a path of good works that God has prepared beforehand (Ephesians 2:10).  No matter where we are in our walk with God and fellowship with Jesus, He has something prepared for us every day.  We need to be open and attentive, living our lives with purpose, as sons and daughters of our great loving Heavenly Father.

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